About Us

Buzztala is a pay per click (PPC) ad network that utilizes proprietary ad units — Product Video Ads (PVAs) – to drive qualified customers to our merchant partners’ stores. Customers discover PVAs while conducting searches in Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, etc., where PVAs are generally listed in top organic search rankings. In fact when people search Google, video results are up to 50x more likely than text to appear in the top slots. And guess what? Those video links in organic search listings are 41% more likely to be clicked on than any other text links / ads on the page. After a user watches a PVA they have the opportunity to click thru to our partner merchants’ store where they enter as a highly qualified prospect.

How can Buzztala increase my search visibility?

Just as you currently buy Shopping Ads (formerly known as Product Listing Ads or PLAs) and text ads, Buzztala’s PVAs allow you to occupy more listings in search to increase product discovery. Because the first page of search is like valuable real estate, the more property you own, the more likely customers searching for your products will discover you. Our network of merchants have seen on average a 4x increase in the number of spots they occupy on the first page of search. And remember, the more spots you occupy on the first page of search the less room there is for your competitors’ listings.

Does Buzztala work?

On average Buzztala PVAs see a 9.6% click thru rate to the merchant site. That’s significantly higher than average Google PLAs (2.8%), text ads (1.9%), or display ads (0.2%). CTR obviously depends on numerous factors but merchants in our network typically see a range of 2 – 20% CTR. And remember this is much more qualified traffic traffic since someone who watches a review video and then clicks through is much more serious with regards to purchase intent than someone who just clicks on a sponsored link.

What does Buzztala cost?

There is a $5 per video set up fee that pays for video SEO (entirely different from your SEO efforts in search), link processing and integration into our library. We offer new merchants a free 45-day traffic test to see the results for themselves. We generally recommend a minimum of 500-1000 products across all categories during the test phase in order to gather statistically significant data on what’s working. After the free test we negotiate an appropriate CPC rate using the data gathered from the free traffic test. We base our CPC rate on the blended average of Google’s suggested bidding price from Adwords’ Keyword Planner tool for your products. In other words you will effectively be paying the same CPC as your current Adwords campaigns while getting premium “PLA” placement with the video ads. Finally, merchants can easily set their monthly budget / # of clicks by capping the amount of paid search they desire on the Buzztala network. Contact us to learn more.