The Buzztala platform was developed and incubated at Zazoom, a fast growing cutting edge video production and technology company founded in 2011. Buzztala became an independent company in 2013 when it launched a software platform that allows business to tap into the explosion of social user-created content and deploy it across organizations.

Now we use our own technology and expertise to reinvent product discovery for retailers and brands. The days of paying for some good keywords and waiting for the customers to roll in are long gone. Consumers are shopping on different devices, finding product information from social connections and using non-search platforms to enter the purchase funnel. What’s a brand to do? Social user content is critical but incredibly difficult to find, produce and use at scale. That’s where Buzztala comes in.

We create boatloads of short, snappy videos from regular people who talk about products and services. From product summaries to review summaries, we do the hard work for shoppers by sifting through mountains of text data in order to give them an easy way to find out what the majority of customers think. Then we drive viewers of those videos directly to brand product pages. Higher CTRs than Google PLAs plus impressive reach on the world’s #2 search engine YouTube. Buzztala is product lead generation for now.